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published 27 Nov 2019, 13:20

Hi Zindians, I'm currently looking for opportunities to work as an entry level Data scientist. I feel it's time I get into real world experience as I've been consuming knowledge and practicing by trying out on online competitions. It's hard for me already as I just started this journey this year and don't have the usual years of experience always required in job requirements, and the course I studied isn't part of the STEM field. I'll be glad if any one can be of help.

Location is preferably Lagos, Nigeria, as that's where I'm physically based, but I don't mind remote options.

Thank you in advance.

Try and learn coding as well as get a diploma in any STEm


Out of curiousity, in which field is your qualification?

I know how to code, I've been programming before now. Thanks.

That is very good domain knowledge/SME (subject matter expertise) to have. Many, if not the majority, of the data scientist/analyst roles I see are still within banking, finance, fraud detection etc. I myself, with a background in Economics, have decided to specialise in finance-related analysis.

Which programming language can you code?

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Hmm. That sounds good

Hello, i will like to know the breakdown or format of the submission work. Thanks. Can we talk in private. Well done bro.