Platform changes on Zindi: profiles and teams
Platform · 28 Feb 2022, 09:32 · 0

Dear Zindians,

Our dev team has been hard at work, and we’re excited to share some recent updates to the platform. We’ve made changes to profiles, by adding fields for data science skills and tools that you can fill out. This is to provide better and more relevant job opportunities to Zindi data scientists. You can update your profile here (most of the changes can be found under the ‘My Career’ tab). We’ve also worked on teams to improve team management. Here is a summary of team updates:

  • When teams are formed, a private discussion with all team members is created
  • Team lead is now tagged on the team page
  • Teams can now merge
  • Teams can disband if no submission has been made
  • Submitter is now shown in Team Submissions tab
  • All team members can select final submissions
  • When a new team member joins, they can only see all history once they have made a submission
  • Maximum team size can change depending on the competition (previously set at 4)

See you on the leaderboards!

The Zindi Team

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