October Community Announcement!
Connect · 5 Oct 2021, 11:04 · 5

You may have noticed that things look a little different around here lately. Zindi has a new design!

Zindi just turned three years old, and we can’t believe how things have changed in that time. We have grown from the spark of an idea to become Africa’s leading data science community and a globally recognised brand. And we’re not done yet!

Our new platform design reflects the journey we’ve taken. Our aim was to make Zindi a better experience for all of you, the amazing Zindians that make up our community. A place to learn, to compete, and to get opportunities in data science.

The new design aims to make Zindi a more user-friendly experience by putting you, the user, first. Visually, we have held onto our African roots with blocky shapes and a textile-inspired pattern, while celebrating our future-facing technology and vision with modern fonts, clean lines and a bold design aesthetic.

Functionally, we have streamlined every process; from signing up, to finding the best competition for you to join, to sharing and interacting on our discussion forums, our focus has been on making the platform easier to navigate. In the next few months we will be continuing our focus on making your experience on the platform smoother and more rewarding.

During the redesign process, we collected user research and feedback to make sure we left no stone unturned to create a platform designed by you, for you. But we know that we might not have gotten it exactly right. And as you all know, bugs creep into the code no matter how hard you look for them. So if you find something behaving oddly, things don’t work the way you think they should, or we missed a spot in a dusty corner of the website, let us know!

We’d also love to know what you think of the redesign. Love it or hate it? We want your feedback! Leave us a message in the comments or on our social platforms. We’ll read every message, promise.

We know that change can be scary, but we think this change is a good one. We’ll keep working hard to make this your platform as long as you keep showing up to participate. Let’s keep building AI together.

Discussion 5 answers

Hello Zindi.

First of all thank you for this change and you have done an amazing job.

In terms of aesthetics, the platform is more attractive, more beautiful and more user-friendly. In terms of functionalities nothing to change to my knowledge.

As a feature can you make sure that the best models from the private leaderboard can be selected?

Great aesthetic and easy navigation. Kudos to the team!!

However, an enabling to encourage sharing of knowledge will be more lovable during the next feature release.

The first time i used zindi after the upgrade, i got the feeling that i get when i buy new things. Great job everyone.

I like the new look, indeed it really looks on point.

Most importantly, it is now so user friendly. Back then the "Competitions" page was something else, but it is now very easy to navigate through. One can now easilly navigate through the page and easilly pick and join a competition.

Please can the website have a special feature for dark mode. So far, the website looks