Competition rule suggestion
published 25 Mar 2020, 22:02

I feel there should be competition entry deadlines, like a week before competition end.

This would bring about fairness, and also help to curb cheating by private sharing, having anonymous/multiple accounts, etc.

For example, the ongoing ICLR2 competition https://zindi.africa/competitions/iclr-workshop-challenge-2-radiant-earth-computer-vision-for-crop-recognition/leaderboard , it is about 3 days to the end of the competition, and suddenly some new competitors in the challenge (including a new account) are at the top of the leaderboard just within today, it doesn't seem fair to me, and one can't really know for sure the motive.

It would nice if Zindi looks into the implementation of this.

Not just that alone;

1. Team formation should be made probably 2weeks after the competition starts not 3 days to go

2. I observed after Team formation; individual submission score reset.. this should be handle... Kindlet look into these suggestoon Zindi