Frequently Asked Questions

Why competitions are important for my career?

Ever wondered how you compare with others in your field? Or are you just not sure what's the best way to grow your skill set? Why not try competitions!

Whether you've started down a new career path or you just want to polish your skills, competitions are one of the most effective ways to not only develop your technical but also soft skills and further your career goals.

How do I compete in Zindi competitions?

How do I get started with a Zindi competition? I am having trouble entering a competition

Can I join Zindi even if I am not African?

Do I need to submit my code?

How do I win?

Will I give up rights to my solution if I enter a competition?

How will I get my prize money? Are there any conditions?

What is the Public and Private Leaderboard?

Why is my Private Leaderboard score so different to my Public Leaderboard score?

Are teams allowed?

Interesting, just how are competitions helpful for my career as a data scientist?

Whoa! Does that mean I can add competitions on my resume/CV?

That's awesome! But how does it all help with my soft skills?

What does Zindi mean?

I haven’t received an email verification email

How can I delete my account?

I want to host a hackathon using the Zindi platform

I want to host a competition on Zindi

I want to sponsor a competition

Can I use competition data for a school or university project?

I have a dataset I would like to share with Zindi and the community

How do I become a Zindi Ambassador?

How are points calculated?

Can I still participate in a competition if it is closed?

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