Frequently Asked Questions

As a competition host, do I have to share data publicly? What about data privacy?
You would have to share a certain dataset publicly, but we will work with you to prepare the data so that it is appropriately anonymized and complies with your own privacy standards. See our privacy policy and terms of use.
What types of organisations can host a competition?
Any organisation. It can be a large company, a small start-up, a non-profit organisation, a government agency, and anything in between.
What type of data do I need to host a competition?
Typically you would need some sort of data that you collect, manage, or use as an organisation. We can help you review your data and can also help source external data as necessary.
What types of problems can a Zindi competition solve?
Zindi typically runs predictive and classification challenges that are solved using statistical modelling and machine learning techniques. This can include things like: credit risk modelling, predicting customer behavior, image recognition, natural language processing, anomaly detection, sentiment analysis, and many others. View some of our past competitions here.
What will I get from hosting a competition?
You will get full rights to the top 3 winning code. A Zindi competition also includes PR and marketing for the competition and the opportunity to connect with data scientists for potential recruitment. Zindi can also offer add-on services such as assessment of your organisation’s data science capacity, strategic planning which can include project scoping and defining job specs, and capacity building.
What if I want to get in touch with or hire one of the data scientists? Is there direct messaging?
There is currently no direct messaging on the Zindi platform. If you are a recruiter or hiring manager, please get in touch with for more information on how the Zindi platform can help you connect with the Zindi top talent in Africa and beyond.
I’m a non-profit. I don’t think I can afford to host a Zindi competition.
If you have a competition you would like to run, but do not think you can afford it, we can offer discounts for non-profits and start-ups. We can also help raise funds to cover the cost of “data for good” challenges. So please get in touch. We would love to work with you!
Do you have other questions that were not answered? Please contact us!