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15 May 12:00 (60 hours)
CV vs LB ?

Hi guys , i am getting a huge difference between cv and lb

CV : 0.21

LB : 0.018

anyone has an idea about this problem ?

When you provide people with your cv/ lb scores, don't forget to mention your validation strategy.

In that way you did, we can't understand and interpret anything. You can also create custom validation strategy : not only random split and kfold...

can you guys share with us a starting kit?

Hi, @bakarysidibe I will give you a hint. Try making the test data similar to sample submission. Then follow the same steps for making train.

PS: it took me 24 hours to prepare train and test itself. So releasing the code would be unethical as this is only a 60 hour hack and some people have spent time to figure out the problem formulation itself.