AXA Nigeria - Data Science Week 2020 Hackathon by AXA Mansard
45,000 Naira
This challenge is only open to AXA Nigeria employees
21 data scientists enrolled, 4 on the leaderboard
14 December 2020—18 December 2020
4 days

This is a private hackathon open to AXA Nigeria Data Science Week 2020 participants. This challenge is only open to AXA Nigeria employees. If you would like to join please email Peter.

Macmillian Limited, a company in Lagos, Nigeria that produces building materials have noticed an employee churn rate of close to 40% on employees after the third year of being at the company. The HR Manager has tried to find out what the issue is but is still not quite sure.

The CEO has proposed calling in a data scientist and making use of the employee data to find out what exactly is going on. As a data scientist, you have been presented with the data describing various conditions surrounding the employees that have been at Macmillian between 1 and 3 years. You have to predict whether the conditions are good (1) or not (0) as this can give insight as to why employees are leaving the company.

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