Cameroon Advance Analytic Ultrasound Image Challenge by Camair-AI
1 000 000 CFA
Given ultrasounds of kidneys can you detect renal failure?
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16 April—1 June
46 days

This is a private hackathon open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from Cameroon. If you are a Cameroon student you can email for the secret code.

Most advanced analytic tools used in Africa, especially in the healthcare sector were developed by others. As a result, products are not well targeted to meet our (Africa’s) specific needs. This is our opportunity to change the narrative to not only use products but drive innovation that can change Africa and the world. This challenge is Camair-AI’s first project to begin blazing a new path.

The objective of this challenge is to build a machine learning model that can predict if kidneys are in renal failure from ultrasounds and to build a hub of data scientists and analysts in Cameroon.

This solution will be useful in a clinical diagnostic tool used to support clinical decision-making in remote areas. These solutions have the potential to grow into tools to monitor a patient's kidney function and determine treatment plans and hopefully, one day a mobile app to monitor multiple aspects of kidney health. The images are from the Cameroon Health System.

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Camair-AI creates healthcare solutions for the future by harnessing AI skill sets from Cameroon to feed the healthcare industry worldwide. They do this by teaching young Cameroonians AI skills and creating an AI hub in Cameroon.