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No Private Leaderboard
published 9 Sep 2020, 17:47

Why is it that there is no private leaderboard. I'm sure it will be fun if there is Private Leaderboard

Wow just discovered that it was not stated in the Rules thou.

But there should be it might probably be an error for not including it else

The LB will not change

Hope there clarify us on that

OMG! Their should be Private Leaderboard.... This is 100% leaderboard

saw it too and I was like, really.

They stated there would be no private leaderboard

Can I get the link to where there stated no private lb 😑

Maybe to avoid much heartbreak last year's own..lol

Please guys what is the difference between Private Leaderboard and Public Leaderboard,I don't understand it.

When you submit your result, they would be split into two and scored seperately. One of them would be public and the other would be private.

The public leaderboard is public, anyone can see it, while the private leaderboard is with the organizer.

It's common to have private leaderboard in competitions. Based on my understanding, one of the reasons for having a private leaderboard is so that contestant don't overfit or play tricks just to top the leaderboard.