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A Simple Starter Notebook with Logistic Regression
published 10 Sep 2020, 14:01
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Seems its not allowed...sorry for inconveniences

This is very good, thanks Adeoluwa

challenge to showcase your ability

but to be honest with you i got your view and personally i appreciate it sir .....kudos

kindly go through this conversation https://zindi.africa/hackathons/dsn-ai-bootcamp-qualification-hackathon/discussions/3024

Delete this post... Its a challenge to showcase your ability; Notebooks will be reviewed and it might disqualified you..

Thanks for the heads up...i really appreciate it.

According to Zindi Rules there is nothing wrong with this...but I have taken it down regardless.

Hey man.. you are absolutely right, Just think from this perspective of making people to work hard and learn; not a free launch as some kick start there career in the field.... So selection might be based on peoples's ability.. Nice work from your end man.. CHEERS

I now understand your view on this...its totally concrete...