DSN AI Bootcamp Qualification Hackathon by Data Science Nigeria
Predict customers who will default on a loan
888 data scientists enrolled, 519 on the leaderboard
Financial ServicesPredictionStructured
9 September—3 October
Ends in 8 days
Baseline 0.828 LB
published 10 Sep 2020, 15:33
edited ~1 hour later

Well, due to some considerations I'll pull down this post. Sorry for the inconveniences it may have caused to some people.


Hi man! kindly delete this post.. This is a challenge for qualification to show ones ability toward selection; notebooks will be reviewed and this might cob for disqualification..

Well @Engineer Thanks for reminding me. Sorry for the inconveniences!

No man! you are absolutely doing well in helping others... This might just be better after the challenge.. Stay Safe

That's true.