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published 11 Sep 2020, 14:19

Hello, please did anyone get an error on submission in this manner:

'Missing entries for IDs Apcnt_1108304, Apcnt_1097308, Apcnt_1219260, Apcnt_1204028, Apcnt_1106708 and more'

I tried looking for these applicant IDs in the test csv file (even train csv) and they werent included there.

When saving as csv, set index as False. Like this:

submission.to_csv('submission.csv', index=False)

Try downloading the dataset again and set index as

Maybe you've dropped the Applicant ID on the test CSV

Two valid reasons..

@konnChiwa -reason1

reset index in your test set if reason1 is not in place - reason2


@Enginner how do I solve the problem? Bring back the dropped column?