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This is frustrating!
published 12 Sep 2020, 19:38

I have done all the manipulations I can yet my score remains 0.74lb, please I need suggestions on what to twick. Thanks

Try catboost without tuning anything or adding any features, then from there start you feature engineering.

!pip install catboost==0.24.1

Your problem is maybe not using predict_proba method as @ImonEmmanuel as said clearly

Ok the problem is that you are using predict method nstead of predict_proba method

Try using it

Wait, I'm a bit confused. The submission file we are uploading should be the labels (i.e 0's and 1's) or just their probabilities? Because when I use functional API on Keras it doesn't give me the classes direct, so I end up tweaking the code to produce the classes.

You're to submit the probabilities, read the COMPETITION INFO

That is not the problem.. I doubt; using predict method can never give a score of 0.74LB; your score would rather get stuck btw 45-60LB, though use the predict_proba function as said...your problem has to do with your algorithm(it seems you are using logistic regression)

Yes Emmanuel, I am using predict_proba and LogisticRegreesio, is there a better algorithm?

Well I got 0.70 using predict method. Tho I later got 0.82 using probability. Tho tweaking his algorithm will still go a long