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Renaming columns
published 14 Sep 2020, 12:21

Is it really necessary to change column names to make it analyis with more easier

As you wish .. you can do what is convenient for you

laughing.. is it necessary or not sir?

I once tried it ..but the name was so long and it becomes harder to differentiate.. I think that's why they name it in the first instance.

You can rename it, but not compulosory, if you are okay with formField1 ..............(Am not okay with it)it will your easily help you to remember the features, so you dont need to start checking for the meaning everytime

Alright .. can you let me know what are the names someone can use which will help you remember the fields as you said ?. Without going back to data info page again and the name will neither be long nor almost has the same name..

if your renamed fields failed those aim, I don't see reason why you should change the existing names.

kindly print it out...Thats the way I have been able to work around those features...