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missing entry
published 14 Sep 2020, 23:11

Missing entries for IDs Apcnt_1108304, Apcnt_1097308, Apcnt_1219260, Apcnt_1204028, Apcnt_1106708 and more when trying to make my submissions, anyone else getting this?

When you are creating your CSV file make sure it looks like this

File.to_csv('submission_name.csv', index =False)

This is very unlikely to happen unless you have mistakenly dropped some rows (data points) while intending to deal with null values.

yes i dropped rows trying to deal with null values.so am not suppose to drop any rows at all?

no you are not, if you do that, some applicant ids will be missing.

Download the submission file and replace the value of the default column with your prediction, then save

swapping the arrangement of the new dataframe you want to save to cv would fix it ..

This happens in either of the two ways:

1. deleting test rows for predictions

2. Resetting index, if rigorous preprocessing has taken place