DSN AI Bootcamp Qualification Hackathon by Data Science Nigeria
Predict customers who will default on a loan
1095 data scientists enrolled, 750 on the leaderboard
Financial ServicesPredictionStructured
9 September—3 October
25 days
Whoa somthing really fishy is going on .On the Lb

before 1min you can find yourself again

this is not real them the share notebook

God dey

That is disadvantage of 100% leaderboard... If there was private leaderboard even the ones at the top are not safe ...

Exactly.. The private LB is usually a way to curb this rush hour mentra

What kept on baffling me was the way new people were just joining few hours to go and got among Top 250 with just few submissions.

Less than 20 submission dey top 50..naso the thing easy reach?