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Wasted Effort
published 3 Oct 2020, 23:07

So this is how a lot of people including myself's hardwork and sleepless nights is going to go to waste because of these cheaters. DSN pls look into this.

Guy under 20minutes I didn't see myself on top 250, which way now, see people with 2 submissions just this

Wish them good luck......try to learn from the winning solution,work towards next year try t be among the top 5 with that no cheating can bring you down

Your efforts aren't wasted. Look at the positives. I had been away from home for over three weeks just to see that I can attend the event. But guess waht, I still consider myself a winner☺️

At least you have learnt a thing or two. So you should not feel sad. Well done

Thanks, in all honestly i learnt a lot from this.

I understand.. I had been flying backwards from 135 or so but I didn't let it get to me. Check my browser tabs, it's all github, kaggle, stackoverflow and scikit-learn documentations.