DSN AI Bootcamp Qualification Hackathon by Data Science Nigeria
Predict customers who will default on a loan
1095 data scientists enrolled, 750 on the leaderboard
Financial ServicesPredictionStructured
9 September—3 October
25 days
Next Steps: Validation with DSN
published 3 Oct 2020, 23:17
edited ~8 hours later

Good day,

Thank you for participating in the 2020 AI Bootcamp Qualification hackathon. We have had 25 exciting days of pushing knowledge limits. Well done!

Kindly note the updates below for the AI Bootcamp qualification:

Data Science Nigeria maintains a high quality of multi-level validation to select the Bootcamp finalists. Adherence to these guidelines and instructions are crucial to qualifying for the Bootcamp. Integrity is a core value at Data Science Nigeria, as such, we expect all participants to maintain honesty throughout the period of this competition- submission files, notebooks, and code solutions should not be exchanged among participants. Multiple accounts and other dishonest acts are extremely frowned at and immediately forfeit any qualification rights

Kindly be informed that you can now submit your codes in PDF format on the registration form. You will not be able to make any edits to your form responses after 11:59 PM Sunday, October 4.

Registration form: https://bit.ly/AIBootcamp20_hack


1. You are required to submit the most recent version of your best score (as available) script/notebook (your code) as a PDF before 11:59 PM Sunday, October 4.

2. If you have your code outputs, do not clear your code output in the submitted script/notebook ​3. If you have multiple notebooks/scripts, ensure you submit all as a single PDF document. (You can create single PDF documents and merge before you submit). Do not submit multiple PDF documents. 4. Ensure your PDF document is in proper order at your end before submitting it on the form.

Submit your PDF codes here: https://bit.ly/AIBootcamp20_hack

Other updates

1. Tips on how to export Notebook as PDF:

- To export your script/notebook as a PDF, you can use the print function to save the notebook as a PDF (Ctrl + P)

- You can also make use of this package: https://pypi.org/project/notebook-as-pdf/

Note: Only participants who submit their notebooks/scripts will be considered for validation.

2. Make sure your Zindi username on the form is exactly as displayed on the leaderboard. If you changed your username as displayed on the Leaderboard ensure you update it on the Google Form immediately. You will not be able to update this after 11:59 PM Sunday, October 4.

3. To qualify to attend the Bootcamp you must be available for post-competition validation (October 5-9) and adhere to all competition guidelines and instructions.

4. On the Registration Form: https://bit.ly/AIBootcamp20_hack you can edit your responses. Kindly go to the form and select the gender you identify with.

5. This year, we are partnering with https://digitalexplorers.eu/ to give qualified Female Data Analysts/Scientists the opportunity to travel to Lithuania for Internship opportunities. If you are a Lady and interested in the opportunity, kindly signify interest on the form https://bit.ly/AIBootcamp20_hack

Finally, remember, everyone is a winner!

Sir, code submission for top 250 only. Right?

Everyone can submit codes

Can we see the winners notebook. It could help us learn

Sir, I'd like to be clear on the model to be submitted.

Is it the most recent version of our best submission or literally just the most recent version of our code?

Literally, the most recent version of your code.

The most recent version of your best submission.

Ok. Thank you Sir

Confused 😕 recent version of best solution or just recent version even if it's not the best solution

The most recent version... of your best solution

I am just seeing this I submitted the most recent version of my notebook. Not the most recent version of my best submission. There is just a slight difference though. @Funminiyi

To me there is variation between what was taught and what is required during the competition.

The approach of mingling newbies and those that have been into Ml for a long time didnot go well with me.

The teachings is not as rigid as what am seeing in the winning solutions and based on the advertisement of the program, it was stated that one will be taught from beginners to advanced level and it was the major factor that propelled me into registering and unfortunately, reverse the case happened....for example......All that was implemented in the winning code was never taught.... the different approach and strategies people implemented..... it's looking as if aliens were the ones who wrote the code. @Funminiyi

Exactly. This was my point. No provision for those that are just joining. People that didn't do the Bootcamp participated in the competition and it was rather an intimidating and survival of the fittest competition. Anyways thanks for the opportunity. This is just my four months into Ml and you expect me to be competing with those dons.

This is true. I'm a newbie and with the huge sacrifice in learning and researching, I couldn't make the top 250. I thought it would be a bootcamp for the newbies, but, I guess I'm wrong.