DSN AI Bootcamp Qualification Hackathon by Data Science Nigeria
Predict customers who will default on a loan
1095 data scientists enrolled, 750 on the leaderboard
Financial ServicesPredictionStructured
9 September—3 October
25 days
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published 3 Oct 2020, 23:27

I just want to use this medium to say a big thank you to all that participated in this hackathon, more so to those that had dropped an input or two in the discussion forum and those that dropped their notebooks for the prequalification hackathon. I really appreciate you guys and would want to say that you guys are the realest MVP.

Your comments made me move from wanting to just give up entirely cause at a point, the rate at which i was dropping on the the lb was weakening, to moving to top 250. All thanks to you!

To those that didn't make the top 250, know that your efforts were not wasted in anyway whatsoever. You can't unlearn the things you've learnt while working on this project and you can only get better!! In the end, WE ARE ALL WINNERS

I'd deffo love to see the notebooks of the UFOs and geniuses topping the lb :)

Definitely waiting for those guys to drop their bomb-like notebooks.