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Predict customers who will default on a loan
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9 September—3 October
25 days
published 4 Oct 2020, 01:32
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link to my github files used: https://github.com/abofficial444/KOWOPE

Its just a brief modelling, Hope it helps...

Been waiting for this. Thanks for sharing. Let's see the magic that you did 😁🙌

Your discussion contributions were helpful during the hackathon. Thanks! Also thanks for sharing your notebook!

Thanks for the kind words.. we keep learning.. everyone is a winner!!!

Awesome man!!!

Thanks @engineer ....having you in the competition was a great motivation.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks @Engineer for sharing. Learnt a lot from it. You really had good domain knowledge on the problem.

This is nice!!! Wow!!! @Engineer . Have you worked in a financial institution before? You really have a good domain knowledge .

@Engineer Really interesting feature engineering, tried total severity, due to amount, net worth & others that seemed like it should help but the results didn't improve CV score. Were these features impactful overall in any of CV or LB score?

@DamolaOr .. your observations were absolutely right.. though they where impactful on both LB and CV after several tuning

Thanks engineer, ur discussion were really helpful, I learnt alot from the various discussio

Thanks very much Engineer.. So much to learn from your work. You comments all through the competiton were quite helpful as well..

Although, I hope you dont mind me saying this: I feel adding a few mardowns/comments/docstrings to the functions (especially where you engineered features) will make it easier for viewers to read and understand your code .. for instance I'm not quite sure I get what chdx, chdx2 and 3 do and why ..

It’s just a variable name to isolate my features; I had a little time for preprocessing... kindly check back; I will make comments, markdowns and assign reasonable variable name.. Thanks for that

Wow Great solution!... Thanks for your contributions in the discussion forum they were of much help sir.. Thanks for also sharing your notebook! There so much to learn from your work...

@Aifenaike great work from your end; your script was a hit.. At bootcamp! We play the final game.. cheers 🥂 @Liverpool_Champion come out of your hidden place 😂 @Busayor the cruise man.. I need to see your cruise again man... @Dara_Adepoju, weldone.. @ImonEmmanuel.. @Adejumobi.. Good work from you all..


I learnt from @Liverpool_Champion , Nelson Chris, Eniola , Caleb and your own solution from previous Hackathons on and there really helped.

Would be expecting a tougher one during the bootcamp cheers 🙌🙌

Thanks a lot for

you too much Baba....thanks for sharing

It sure helps.... Awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing

God bless you richly bro, eku ise, I've been waiting for this particular submission

Can I have your contact please this is mine 08124940975 , or chat me up on WhatsApp thanks. congratulations