DSN AI Bootcamp Qualification Hackathon by Data Science Nigeria
Predict customers who will default on a loan
1095 data scientists enrolled, 750 on the leaderboard
Financial ServicesPredictionStructured
9 September—3 October
25 days
Mode of 2020 Bootcamp Event

Congrats guys,

please is the bootcamp this year going to be virtual or in-person?

Virtual ke? Ah please DSN should consider making it 'in-person'. How will people who don't have constant light participate? It will be hard for people to pay attention for hours over a zoom meeting. I think it's better we gather so we can move away from distractions and focus on data science for that period. It will help us get the most of it.

Exactly, considering the situation of the country, I don't think making the bootcamp virtual will be cool for those that qualified, some persons would have data issues or light issues or distraction from the house. I think DSN should kindly consider this decision.

What's the beauty of the bootcamp after going through virtual classes and virtual forums and in the end the bootcamp still remained VIRTUAL ?

There is no telegram page for DNS 2020 or whatever on telegram please let's be guided how we give out information except you wanna prove me wrong by giving out the link to the telegram page @whaleeu ... please i think @funminiyi can help us out with the info about the event

Don't conclude without property being informed, DSN has a telegram group ask the admin to send you Fuminiyi is the

please can you share the link to the platform just to confirm ?

it was mentioned in DSN AI+ community telegram group, so if you are in community group you should have seen it.

Please i still need the link for the telegram very important i will be happy if i get it... I really want to join also for more updates


https://t.me/joinchat/Ql5ffxt1z-Wa3FjvbA9Cag here