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published 5 Oct 2020, 07:29

pls i need clerification. Is the notebook to contain just the code

pls can someone explain the output for me

The code output of the cells

pls dont mind my troubles, i still dont understand properly, which cells?

Has the submission of PDF ended cos many are having difficulty submitting the notebook in PDF format irrespective of the link that was shared. A lot of errors are being thrown when you apply the commands stated.

It hasn't ended.

Yes.. I had to uninstall my anaconda(I had 2018 version anyway) after saving the notebook as ipynb then installed 2020 version.

Before u consider That though, u can try the pip install. Check this link for it


I don't think you should have uninstalled your anaconda. Just press Ctrl+P, select the option of save as PDF and it saves. No hassles.

Please, how do I submit. I have been trying to open the link but I have not been able to do that

Ah! You won't be able to submit again after 11:59pm yesterday

Thanks for the response. Please is there any Walk around or grace. I just saw the message this morning

But I got an email stating that it had been extended till midnight of today.

Please what's the link to the submission. The one I have is throwing some errors


The same form you used to apply, just edit it and submit. Thats all.