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Submission of Jupyter notebook as pdf
published 5 Oct 2020, 11:36

Please, I am just seeing the message that the deadline for submission of the notebook is yesterday. Please, any help in submitting because, I am yet to submit mine

kindly contact : AICommunity@datasciencenigeria.ai

It has closed already around 11:59am.

The first approach will still

Hey Good afternoon

The deadline has been extended, so the deadline is today monday 05/10/2020 by 11:59PM

Just take your time do meet up with the procedures in submitting your pdf file

Hope it helps you out

The deadline was not extended till 11:59pm rather 11:59AM Monday morning

you're correct @simisola and at @GideonOlawale please take note

Unfortunately, i thought it was 11:59PM. now, i can't submit again