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14 July
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This is a private hackathon open to participants registered in hack’prise event . If you are a challenger and would like to participate, visit our website www.hackprise.com.

Weather is among the most important external influencing factors impacting consumer and business demand. A lot of research work has been conducted to study the impact of weather events or unusual weather conditions on fluctuations in sales. Studies reveal that consumer demand and behavior change significantly due to weather alterations. For example, a sunny day is not always good for retail business. In fact, warm winters can cause a drop in seasonal products like snow shovels, blankets, gloves, etc... and the same exact thing may appear in very cold weather where people would prefer staying at home and choosing online shopping stores over physical retail stores.

Having this said, weather changes not only impact what customers put in their shopping carts but also affect pricing, product assortment, supply chain management and even staffing and what products retailers should put on their shelves. Paul Walsh, IBM’s Global Director of Consumer Weather Strategy, confirms that weather is a core driver of consumer behavior. Based on a study that IBM conducted, integrating weather insights across supply chains, companies can generate a 2-5% increase in revenue and decrease costs by as much as 2%. So, since we can’t control the weather, the focus should be controlling our response to disruptive weather events by taking early actions to turn weather information into actionable insights that drive brighter decisions and better outcomes in order to take advantage of the opportunities.

Your challenge is to utilize the provided weather station dataset to implement a machine learning model to predict weather temperature at any location given by its X and Y coordinates.

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