IndabaX Ghana AutoInland Vehicle Insurance Claim by Data Science Network
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Can you predict if a client will submit a vehicle insurance claim in the next 3 months?
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1 July—15 July
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This competition is open to all participants of the Ghana Data Science Summit (IndabaXGhana 2021), organized by Data Science Network in collaboration with Deep Learning Indaba. To join this competition, kindly apply for the Ghana Data Science Summit 2021 at (Only applicants of the conference will be eligible to take part in the competition) Applications close on Saturday, 3rd July, 2021.

This hackathon will run from 1 July to 15 July 2021.

When providing insurance, there are very few points of contact between customers and the insurance provider. Because of this, AutoInland (an Insurance company in west Africa with a focus on Auto Insurance) needs to make every point of contact count; one of the most valuable of these is filing and settlement of claims.

AutoInland believes that to achieve better service level standards, they need to anticipate future demands in terms of claims request volume. This will allow them to better manage their resources while keeping the customer experience positive and the levels of satisfaction high.

The objective of this hackathon is to develop a predictive model that determines if a customer will submit a vehicle insurance claim in the next three months. This solution will help streamline financial planning at AutoInland and allow them to better serve their customers by understanding which customers are likely to submit a claim.

A video tutorial and starter notebook are provided.

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