Swahili News Classification Challenge
225,000 Tsh
Can you create a classification algorithm to identify Swahili news articles by category?
30 data scientists enrolled, 14 on the leaderboard
19 June 2020—21 June 2020
62 hours

This is a private hackathon, open to Tanzanian citizens only. Please contact Zindi Ambassador Davis David for the secret code.

Swahili is spoken by 100-150 million people across East Africa. In Tanzania it is one of two national languages (the other is English) and it is the official language of instruction in all schools. News in Swahili is an important part of the media sphere in Tanzania.

News contributes to education, technology, and economic growth of a country, and news in local languages plays an important cultural role in many Africa countries. In the modern age, African languages in news and other spheres are at risk of being lost as English becomes the dominant language in online spaces.

The objective of this hackathon is to develop a multi-class classification model to classify news content according to their specific categories specified.The model can be used by Swahili online news platforms to automatically group news according to their categories and help readers find the specific news they want to read. In addition, the model will contribute to a body of work ensuring that Swahili is represented in apps and other online products in future.