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Missing Info for POSTDATE in payment_history.csv - Help Team Zindi
published 22 May 2020, 14:27

Dear team Zindi,

* POSTDATE - a cool functionality to have for disussions is for Zindi to be able to pin posts to the top of challenge threads.

is the description given for PostDate. I am not much of a finanical guy and I can't exactly understand whats the actual meaning. Can Zindi please correct the description for POSTDATE in "VariableDefintions.txt", or if anyone has any idea about it, help me ?

you've made a submission, please what did you interprete the post date as, or did you not use it?

Not an accountant either, but I think it's to do with when the transaction is recorded in their system (vs when it reflects in the bank etc). I don't think it'll be a very useful feature, but we left it in since why not :)

@Johnowhitaker haha thanks for the help :D, let's do without it for now

POSTDATE is the date in which the policy is cleared for payment by the finance team. After posted is approval, once approved the payment will be released by the bank to the client which is DATEPAID.

Hence, there's a relationship between the two columns.