UmojaHack #2: Xente Purchase Prediction Challenge (INTERMEDIATE) by UmojaHack Africa
$600 USD
Predict when and what a customer will purchase on the Xente app
327 data scientists enrolled, 93 on the leaderboard
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21 March 2020
7.5 hours

Xente is a Ugandan e-commerce startup that makes it easy for consumers to make payments, get loans, and shop using simply a mobile phone.

The objective of this challenge is to create a machine learning model to predict what and when individuals will purchase next, based on their purchase history.

The resulting models and solutions will help Xente with target marketing and catering to their customers’ needs better. For Xente, this may result in improved profitability and financial sustainability; while customers receive an app that is tailored to them.

About Xente (

Xente is an e-payments, e-commerce, and financial services company in Uganda offering various products and services that can be paid for using Mobile Money (Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money), Bank Card (Visa Card, Master Card), Xente wallet and on credit (Pay Later). Some of the products consumers can buy include airtime, data bundles, event tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets, and more. They can also pay water and electricity bills and TV subscription services.

Thank you to Microsoft and African Bank for sponsoring UmojaHack.