UmojaHack Algeria: Yassir ETA Prediction Challenge by UmojaHack Africa
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Can you predict the estimated time of arrival for Algerian ride hailing business Yassir?
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25 July
9 hours

This is a private hackathon open to UmojaHack Algeria participants. If you are a university student in Algeria and would like to participate, contact Zindi Ambassador Abderaouf Gacem.

Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Yassir rely on real-time data and machine learning algorithms to automate their services. Accurately predicting the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for Yassir trips will make Yassir’s services more reliable and attractive; this will have a direct and indirect impact on both customers and business partners. The solution would help the company save money and allocate more resources to other parts of the business.

The objective of this hackathon is to predict the estimated time of arrival at the dropoff point for a single Yassir journey.

About YASSIR (

Established in 2017, Yassir is the leading ride-hailing company in Algeria. It covers all major Algerian cities and is expanding its services to Tunisia, Morocco and France. Besides ride-hailing services, Yassir is making customers’ lives easier by providing diversified services such as goods and food delivery as well as telemedicine.