UmojaHack Morocco: AIOX Sentiment Analysis Challenge by UmojaHack Africa
MAD 37,000
Classify phrases in dialectal Arabic as positive or negative
88 data scientists enrolled, 40 on the leaderboard
24 October 2020
9 hours

This is a private hackathon open to UmojaHack Morocco participants. If you are a university student in Morocco and would like to participate, contact Zindi Ambassador Pr. Imade Benelallam at

Collecting and analyzing customer feedback is critical for improving product and service. However, obtaining that feedback can often prove to be a tricky challenge for many businesses. In Morocco and due to the complexity of our Arabic dialect, banks and insurance need to automate sentiment analysis systems in order to be more consumer centric.

The aim of this challenge is to provide an optimal classifier for sentiment analysis in Arabic dialectal language with reasonable accuracy.

How to prepare for UmojaHack

  1. Add your university to your profile. Watch this YouTube video.
  2. Practice on a challenge and make your first Zindi submission. Watch this YouTube video.
  3. Make a team in preparation for UmojaHack. Watch this YouTube video.

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Our purpose is to become the first African AI as a service platform that allows medium and large companies to leverage AI to solve complex problems efficiently, and bring industry 4.0 to the Moroccan economy and the African continent. AIOX Labs team members have decades of research and engineering experience. Our algorithms are built upon cutting edge constraint programming and Machine Learning breakthroughs.