Xente Fraud Dection Hackathon by Alliance4AI SUP'COM
100 TND
Accurately classify the fraudulent transactions from Xente's e-commerce platform
45 data scientists enrolled, 24 on the leaderboard
Financial ServicesClassificationStructured
6 November 2020—8 November 2020
50 hours

The objective of this competition is to create a machine learning model to detect fraudulent transactions.

Fraud detection is an important application of machine learning in the financial services sector. This solution will help Xente provide improved and safer service to its customers.

This competition is sponsored by Xente, Innovation Village, and insight2impact.

About Xente (xente.co)

Xente is an e-payments, e-commerce, and financial services company in Uganda offering various products and services that can be paid for using Mobile Money (Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money), Bank Card (Visa Card, Master Card), Xente wallet and on credit (Pay Later). Some of the products consumers can buy include airtime, data bundles, pay water and electricity bills, TV subscription services, buy event tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets, and more.

About Alliance4AI Sup’Com

Alliance4AI SUP’COM Chapter is part of the african ALLIANCE4AI movement. This is a student-run club whose mission is to empower students to master Artificial Intelligence and its related technologies and also to form Africa’s future leaders through tutorials, workshops, real-world projects and non-technical events. By exposing members to the advancement and impact of AI in Africa, Alliance4AI SUP’COM’s goal is to raise the student’s awareness about what we can achieve through the use of AI.