Zindi Mentorship #3: Childline Kenya Call Volume Prediction Challenge by Zindi Mentorship Program
Help Kenya's child protection hotline forecast how many calls they will receive each hour each day
19 data scientists enrolled, 16 on the leaderboard
4 August 2020—26 August 2020
23 days

The data have been split into a test and training set. The training set contains all the calls (over 135,000) that were received from 1 January 2016 to 12 July 2016. You are asked to estimate the number of incoming calls per hour per day from 13 July 2016 to 6 September 2016.

The files you have for download here are:

  • train.csv: Every call that was received from 1 January 2016 to 12 July 2016. You will use this file to train your model.
  • sample_submission.csv: Your submission CSV file should look like this. Note that the column"time_index" represents ONE HOUR time increments and the column "calls" represents the number of calls received during that one hour time period. The format of time_index is YYYYMMDDHH (year month day hour). For example, the calls associated with time_index 2016071300 would be the calls received between 12:00:00 am until 12:59:59 am on 13 July 2016.
  • KenyaPublicHolidays2016.csv: Public holidays in 2016
  • NairobiSchoolDates2016.csv: Academic term calendar for 2016
  • WeatherNairobi2016.xls: Weather data for Nairobi 2016. The source and explanation of variables can be found here.

Variables in Train.csv:

Each call contains the following fields

Variable Definition

calldate Date (month-day-year) and time of the call

cc_status Case status

maincat Main category call falls into

subcat1 Subcategory call falls under

casepriority Priority of the case

referal Place case referred to

caller_gender Gender of the caller

caller_age Age of the caller

caller_county Area where the call came from

child_age Age of the child in case

child_gender Gender of the child in case

child_county Area where the child is from

parent_age Age of the parent

parent_gender Gender of the parent

parent_county Area where the child is from

Abuser_Relationship Relationship abuser has with the child in case

Neglector_Relationship Relationship neglector has with the child in case

Physical_abuser_Relationship Relationship physical abuser has with the child in case