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Nigeria· Remote · ~1 month ago

Boost is searching for an exceptional candidate to harness a treasure-trove of data to create digital products for offline convenience retailers in Africa. You will be the critical link between our product and customer-facing teams, and work directly with Boost’s experienced co-founders across several markets, starting with Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. This is a unique opportunity to join an incredible team in a purpose-driven startup that has just entered exponential growth!

About Boost

Boost is a B2B commerce platform that exists to power Africa’s convenience economy.

In Africa, there are over 100 million convenience retailers that contribute to 70% of the continent’s employment and provide food and provisions to 1.3 billion people. Despite the proliferation of data internet and smartphones, the vast majority of convenience retailers run their businesses offline and trade in cash.

Boost is a purpose-driven and customer-centric startup tackling this problem. We give convenience retailers the power to grow by enabling them to order and receive stock from distributors and access working capital to match their supply with demand. Distributors use Boost’s platform to digitally manage their product catalogue, customer base, and end-to-end order fulfilment including inventory, delivery and payment collections.

We are scaling rapidly in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa led by a team with decades of combined entrepreneurial and business building experience and strong local partnerships. The coming quarters will see Boost’s customer base multiply by more than 10× in our core markets while simultaneously launching into a few new ones.

Your role

Boost has built a platform serving thousands of retailers who order goods to restock their stores directly from our product every day. Our WhatsApp channel provides a conversational commerce experience that is easy, natural—and critically—low data. Naturally, each transaction generates a treasure trove of on-the-ground insights for both the retailer and distributor. We now want to go a level deeper to build the products, tools, and features to power growth for their businesses.

Your job will be to act as the glue between our customer-facing teams, and our engineering and product team internally. You will surface and champion data-driven product decisions, leveraging user data and insights. Externally, you will also be a crucial link between Boost and the thousands of informal sector retailers served by our partners.

This role reports to Will Croft, Boost’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

In your first three months, you will be primarily and directly responsible for designing and implementing (together with the product team!) a new insights-based product for retailers in Nigeria. Your key responsibilities will be to:

Understand user behaviour and design better products

You will work side-by-side with the product team to improve existing products - and shape future ideas:

  • Understand how existing retailers are currently using the product, and which insights they are missing for them to be able to more effectively run - and grow - their business.
  • Come up with (and test!) hypotheses to provide useful data-driven views for retailers, noting that retailers on the Boost platform have a wide range of literacy, numeracy and technical skills.
  • Track and measure changes to product engagement, as well as the development of the product more broadly.

Enable the product team to make better decisions

We work in a collaborative way - and as a member of the Platform team you will be in one of the best positions to promote collaboration and learning across country teams. This means that in any given week (or day!) we jump between the different contexts of each country (at different stages of rolling out the product) and unite all the unique learnings into our roadmap. We aim to promote a learning culture at all times, and your role will be to ensure those learnings are more often data-driven than not!

  • Work closely with in-country product teams to define key product metrics and ensure these are easily accessible and understood.
  • Influence and encourage teams to make data-driven decisions using the insights you generate.

Your abilities and skills

You are:

  • Keen, bright and your superpower is curiosity.
  • A super virtual worker who loves to share what you’re learning.
  • A great communicator and relationship builder who loves to build bridges between people with different backgrounds and cultures—and in physically different locations.
  • Someone who loves to dive into data to pull out actionable insights and product opportunities, using them to solve customer pain points.
  • Capable of spearheading the roll out of new features and products with Boost’s on-the-ground teams and partners.
  • Excited by travel and meeting people in their local context to understand their world as they see it.

As non-negotiables, you must:

  • Be fluent in SQL (any dialect is fine, but we work with PostgreSQL).
  • Have base level knowledge of data science analysis techniques and the product development cycle.
  • Have relevant experience in a similar role, preferably within a fast growing startup.
  • Be motivated by our mission, resonate with our virtues and principles, and ambitious to grow into a larger future role.

Practically, we expect to find someone with a few years experience in a relevant field (product and/or data science disciplines), who is a master of SQL and has previous experience in building digital products from the ground up and a passion for learning from customers. If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk!

Boost virtues

These virtues should strongly resonate with you and are the foundations of the company we will build together:

  • Be purpose-driven You should be motivated by the potential to enable informal retailers to thrive in the digital economy.
  • Be tenacious When faced with adversity, you relentlessly persevere until you find a solution.
  • Be compassionate You are able to empathise with others to feel their pain and then take actionable steps to deliver solutions that alleviate it.
  • Be whole You live to work and achieve results, but you take care of your well-being.
  • Be good You are always your honest, authentic self who does the right thing, even when under pressure.


We don't care where you live or where you are from, but expect you to be working virtually in UK/Africa time zones and spend time initially in Nigeria and London.


We provide competitive compensation, pursuant to experience. As a startup, our goal is to attract and retain individuals who are as excited to build a meaningful business from the ground up as we are, and we look for individuals who will fit and grow with us in the long run.

Interview and assessment

During the interview process you will meet people working across the business in the product and (customer-facing) operations teams. This gives you the chance to meet both the people you’ll be working with, as well as gaining insight into how our teams operate in-country.

Direct team

In-country teams

To apply, submit your CV with a covering note on Zindi.

Interview process and timeline

Our interview process is structured into three straightforward stages. In total, we ask for three calls (or in-person meetings, depending on location and preference) and one take-home exercise (we don’t expect you to need to spend more than two hours on this exercise).

We provide feedback at every stage, whether you progress or not.

Initial call

You’ll meet the Boost CTO and product lead, Will Croft. There’s no need to prepare anything—we want to hear all about you! This is a chance to learn more about the role, and what it’s like to work at Boost. Ask as many questions as you can think of, and tell us what makes you awesome. We want to ensure all expectations are aligned at this stage, so we’ll also tick off questions around what you’re looking for in the role, and the kind of growth you can expect at Boost.

Take-home task

If our first conversation caught your attention, now is the time to show off your data science skills. With access to an anonymised subset of our customer data, we’ll provide a typical Boost problem statement or question and ask you to present your findings back to us on a 30–45 minute call. We would expect no more than 3–5 charts, tables or visualisations as a result, and you can present them in any way you like, provided your findings can be shared in some form as apre-read for the team. We’re as interested in your ability to communicate clearly as we are in your technical skills.

Principles, virtues and problem solving

This is the last stage in our hiring process, and we expect to bring no more than 10 applicants to this point. If you advance to this stage, you can expect a 60 minute call or meeting with the wider team.

This session will be in the form of a panel discussion with one of our in-country customer leads (Koye or Isaac) joined by Mary and Mike (our Platform COO and CEO). This discussion is usually a mix of competency questions (a chance to share your broader experience) and a couple of case study-style questions. We’ll present a real customer question or issue and ask you to walk us through how you might approach the problem. It’s also the chance to ask any questions you may have outside of the product role to non-product team members!

For this final session, no preparation is required.

Making the offer

If you’ve aced all the sessions so far, we’ll look to make an offer! We normally follow up within a few weeks, to allow all interviewees time to complete the final session.

Employment Type
2-5 years
Nigeria (remote)