Imaging Data Scientist - USA
Prototype and implement new features for cell identification, counting, feature extraction, and classification
Data modelling
Menlo Park, USA (remote)
Company Size
10-50 employees
2-5 years
Employment Type
~1 month ago


We empower next-generation cellular preparation and characterization through our novel technology and rapidly developing product roadmap. We recently released our first commercial product and are expanding our team to drive commercial success, expand business operations, and support a strong customer experience.

You will help bring to market analytical tools leveraging image analysis and machine learning for our product line, a disruptive new approach to cell separation and analysis. The instrument acquires extensive images during levitation of liquid biological samples:

  • Image analysis: Classification of brightfield and fluorescence image features
  • Image analysis: 3D reconstruction and tracking
  • Classification and machine training with large image data sets
  • Representation of high-parameter data


  • Prototype and implement new features for cell identification, counting, feature extraction, and classification.
  • Collaborate with multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists including outsourced developers
  • Create data visualization tools for development purposes
  • Coordinate development of customer-ready interfaces to access analysis outputs
  • Track and resolve issues in collaboration with other engineers
  • Configure and maintain suitable storage and computing resources for development
  • Interact effectively with other employees to help advance the company’s research and development and commercial goals

Qualifications and experience


  • 2+ years experience in image analysis (including machine learning techniques)
  • Graduate degree in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Engineering, or other Sciences, or equivalent experience
  • Experience with algorithms for image feature classification
  • Strong programming and/or scripting experience
  • Highly motivated, independent self-starter with strong time management skills
  • Must be eligible to work in the USA.
  • Remote work is an option for strong candidates.

Some or all of:

  • 2+ years in life science product business (e.g. single cell analysis, NGS, flow cytometry)
  • Hands-on experience with analysis of images from microscopy
  • Focus stacking and 3D reconstruction
  • High-parameter data analysis
  • Tomography analysis
  • Experience with quantitative analysis and tracking of quality and performance
  • Experience with image analysis on cloud computing platforms
  • High-level proficiency in Python, Java and/or C#/C++
  • Experience as member of interdisciplinary teams of 5 to 25 people
  • Proven capacity to work in a fast-paced environment coupled with the emerging challenges of a rapidly evolving field