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Job Description

This role focuses on executing Zindi competitions from initial engagement with competitions hosts, to designing competitions, preparing datasets, evaluating the winning solutions, and implementation of the solutions as needed. The role will involve data wrangling and data modelling using an array of tools and techniques to solve problems. The focus of the work is designing compelling machine learning competitions that tell an interesting story, have business or societal impact for the host, and provide exciting challenges for data scientists to solve. The candidate must be driven to derive value from large volumes of data and communicate this value to the businesses (competition hosts). It is vital that the candidate be curious, creative, and also pragmatic.

About Zindi

Zindi is a social enterprise start-up whose mission is to build the data science ecosystem in Africa. Our vision is to mobilize a vibrant community of data scientists across Africa, solving the region’s most pressing problems. Zindi is the first data science competition platform in Africa. Zindi hosts an entire data science ecosystem of scientists, engineers, academics, companies, NGOs, governments and institutions. Zindi works with companies, non-profit organizations, and government institutions to develop, curate, and prepare data-driven challenges. For data scientists, Zindi is a place to access African datasets and solve African problems. Data scientists have all the tools they need on Zindi to compete, share ideas, hone their skills, build their professional profiles, find career opportunities, and have fun.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Understand the business needs of potential competition hosts
  • Engage with Zindi competition hosts and help design a challenge that can be solved with a Zindi competition
  • Assess the state of the data and help source additional data as needed
  • Prepare the data sets for the competition
  • Ensure the integrity of the competition design and dataset
  • Post the competition on the site
  • Monitor and contribute to the discussion board
  • Monitor progress of the competition
  • Manage communication with the data scientists following the close of the competition
  • Review the winning code
  • Make and communicate recommendations to the competition host on implementation strategy
  • Write-up solutions and recommendations as needed
  • Contribute to technical blogs for the Zindi website

Core Competencies & Skills

  • 3+ years analytics, data science modelling or software development experience
  • Educated to degree level in a relevant area
  • Strong coding/software development skills
  • Strong mathematical and statistical skills
  • Comfortable reading graduate level literature and applying it
  • Experience in Python and R essential
  • Machine learning and predictive modelling practical experience
  • An understanding of deep learning methods and practical applications
  • Experience sourcing data, cleaning and manipulating data.
  • An understanding of how data science solutions can advance the goals of different types of organizations
  • Able to engage productively with both data scientists and competition hosts (companies, governments, non-profit organizations)
  • Creative thinker and problem solver
  • Able to get things done and meet deadlines
  • A good team player
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Passionate about building the data science ecosystem in Africa and supporting the next generation of data scientists in Africa

Desirable Competencies & Skills

  • Preferably a Masters level degree in a quantitative discipline such as mathematics, physics, computer science or engineering
  • Experience with different types of data including satellite, GIS, audio, natural language processing, etc.
  • Data visualisation
  • Knowledge of relevant deep learning technologies
  • Knowledge of information technology environments, administration, policies and processes
  • Experience in a consulting environment with exposure to diverse types of problems, organizations, and sector

This is a five-month role from mid-October, with the potential for extension.

Please note that all Zindi team members without exception, are prohibited from entering any Zindi competitions.

Employment Type
2-5 years