Zindi Team Rules

Zindi teams are initiated within a competition. Teams are specific to competitions i.e. they are not entities that are carried to other competitions.

Submissions Limits

Teams have the same number of submissions as individuals.

Team Size

The maximum team size on Zindi is 4.

Team Leader and Inviting Team Members

The Zindi data scientist who sets up a team is the default Team Leader. The Team Leader can invite other data scientists to their team. Invited data scientists can accept or reject invitations. Until a second data scientist accepts an invitation to join a team, the data scientist who initiated a team remains an individual on the leaderboard. During the competition the Team Leader can pass the leadership onto another team member of the team. No additional members may be added to teams within the final 5 days of the competition.

Disbanding a Team

A team can be disbanded if it has not yet made a submission. Once a submission is made individual members cannot leave the team.

Merging of Teams

Merging of teams is allowed as long as the total team size remains under the maximum team size. No merging of teams is allowed within the final 5 days of the competition.

Zindi Points for Team Members

All members in the team receive points associated with their ranking in the competition and there is no split or division of the points between team members.

Prize Money

The Team Leader is responsible for how prize money is split between team members.

If not specifically mentioned here, the default Zindi competition rules apply.