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Experienced data scientist with 3+ years of experience in collecting, storing, analyzing large datasets, and building predictive models to help businesses strategize and make informed decisions. Loves working with data and can comprehensively translate business problems into data science use cases. Passionate about building products that deliver secure, innovative solutions that grow revenue, reduce costs, and optimize performance.

Loves researching and playing football.

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R, Git, Sql, Mysql, Numpy, Scipy, Django, Docker, Pandas, Python, Jupyter, Mongodb, Pytorch, Tableau, Amazon s3, Amazon ec2, Amazon rds, Matplotlib, Tensorflow, Apache spark, Scikit-learn, Amazon sagemaker, Microsoft sql server, Aws elastick beanstalk

Work Experience

Jul 2022–Aug 2022
iXperience helps students build successful careers through cutting-edge courses, global internships, and travel experiences. Here, I assisted the head teacher to deliver Introduction to Data Analytics and/or Data Science training to university-level students from around the globe in intensive 6-8 week short courses. Achievements: * Helped students who needed extra support to complete tasks. * Helped the headteacher to plan learning activities. * Supported headteacher in managing class behavior * Supervised 3 groups in completing their projects. * Supervised 3 groups during their one-month internship period. * Communicated with internship managers to keep track of student performance. Skills: Python (Programming Language) · Machine Learning · Tableau · Data Visualization · Data Analysis
Sep 2021–present
Consolidated Bank Ghana
Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) is an Indigenous Ghanaian Universal Bank that provides customers with a simple, secure, and differentiated banking experience. The bank's core values include Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, and Teamwork. Responsibilities: * Work with stakeholders to identify opportunities for leveraging company data to drive business solutions. * Translate business problems into data science use cases. * Mine and analyze data from company databases to optimize product development, marketing techniques, and business strategies. * Build ML pipelines and custom data models that can be applied to large datasets. * Use predictive modeling to increase and optimize customer experiences, revenue generation, and other business outcomes. * Coordinate with different functional teams to implement models and monitor outcomes. * Develop processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy. Achievements: * Built a tool for assessing customers' loan eligibility which improved turnaround time from 5 days to 2 minutes. * Performed time series analysis and forecasting, giving visibility into customer deposit and loan portfolios. * Assessed client requirements, prepared business cases, and reviewed requirement documents. * Automated several business reports which reduced cost incurred on tools purchased by 37%. * Managed product roadmaps, scope, and timelines for product lifecycle for 2 projects using Jira. Skills: Machine Learning · Data Science · Business Intelligence (BI) · Presentation Skills · Data Visualization · Data Analysis · Documentation · Rule-based Systems · Process Automation · Customer Service · Project Management · Data Warehousing
Aug 2021–present
Dataware Tech Ghana
Dataware is an award-winning African tech firm that provides big data and cloud computing services. Dataware strives to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to solve business problems by leveraging big data, AI/ML, and cloud computing technology. Responsibilities: * Design machine learning systems to automate predictive models. * Transform data science prototypes and apply appropriate ML algorithms and tools. * Ensure that algorithms generate accurate user recommendations. * Document machine learning processes. * Lead on software engineering and software design * Liaise with stakeholders to discuss business problems, clarify requirements and define the project's scope. * Research and implement best practices to improve the existing machine learning infrastructure. * Provide support to software engineers in implementing machine learning in a product. * Collaborate with data engineers to build data and model pipelines Achievements: * Led a team of 5 in building the ML system for an enterprise BI platform with 12+ users. * Built 5 full ML pipelines for different business use cases. * Deployed a highly available web app using AWS EC2, S3, CloudFormation, and AWS RDS. * Engaged 10+ business clients to discuss project requirements and deliverables. * Projected a 20% revenue increase in NTE exports by building and deploying a time series forecasting app. Skills: Machine Learning · Amazon Web Services (AWS) · Artificial Intelligence (AI) · Deep Learning · Natural Language Processing (NLP) · Project Management · Client Services · Data Warehousing · Data Engineering · Software Development · Computer Vision
Aug 2020–Sep 2021
Amalitech Services Ghana
AmaliTech is a social business empowering the next generation of technology leaders in sub-Saharan Africa that reinvests its surplus in further training, network growth, and local community support on the ground. It provides free IT training courses to skilled youth in regions of great need and offers employment pathways into the digital sector, accompanying young talents from recruitment to employment. Accomplishments: * Collected and analyzed data on about 400 IT professionals which helped the organization streamline employee salaries. * Reviewed capstone project completed by 12 trainees at the training academy. * Scraped data from disparate sources for analytical purposes. * Performed routine database normalization to reduce data redundancy. Achievements: * Collected and analyzed data on about 400 IT professionals which helped the organization streamline employee salary. * Conducted market research to identify competitors, target market, and market trends * Reviewed capstone project completed by 12 trainees at the training academy. * Built a classifier for predicting customer churn for a utility company with an accuracy of 75%. Skills: Python (Programming Language) · Statistical Data Analysis · Data Visualization · Data Analysis · Agile Methodologies · Database Administration · Simulation Modeling · Web Scraping


Aug 2014–Jun 2018
Kwame nkrumah university of science and technology, Biomedical Engineering