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AI4D iCompass Social Media Sentiment Analysis for Tunisian Arabizi
Can you classify sentiment in the Tunisian Arabizi dialect?
ranked 133 out of 183
2 months to go
InstaDeep Enzyme Classification Challenge
Can you predict the class of an enzyme using only its amino acid sequence?
ranked 13 out of 40
28 days to go
CGIAR Crop Yield Prediction Challenge
Can you predict maize yields on East African farms using satellite data?
ranked 98 out of 159
14 days to go
CGIAR Wheat Growth Stage Challenge
Predict which phase of growth wheat crops are in using photos taken by farmers in India
ranked 19 out of 204
ended 4 months ago
Uber Nairobi Ambulance Perambulation Challenge
Can you use ML to create an optimised ambulance deployment strategy in Nairobi?
ranked 58 out of 331
ended ~1 hour ago
GIZ NLP Agricultural Keyword Spotter
Classify audio utterances in Luganda and English from Uganda
ranked 22 out of 255
ended ~2 months ago
USAID's Intelligent Forecasting Challenge: Model Future Contraceptive Use
Build and validate your models on Zindi. Make your final submission directly to USAID.
ranked 26 out of 120
ended 5 months ago
Akeed Restaurant Recommendation Challenge
Predict which restaurants in Oman customers will most likely order from
ranked 12 out of 242
ended 5 months ago
Zimnat Insurance Recommendation Challenge
Can you predict which insurance products existing clients will want next?
ranked 7 out of 614
ended 4 months ago
Fighting Fire with Data Hackathon
Predict Burned Area in Zimbabwe
ranked 11 out of 25
ended 7 months ago
Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya - Tech4MentalHealth
Classify text from university students in Kenya towards a mental health chatbot
ranked 47 out of 501
ended 7 months ago
SANSA AWS Informal Settlements in South Africa
Use high resolution satellite imagery from urban South Africa to identify the locations of informal settlements
ranked 19 out of 77
ended 7 months ago
AirQo Ugandan Air Quality Forecast Challenge
Predict future air quality levels and empower communities to plan and protect their health
ranked 6 out of 328
ended 8 months ago
The Zimnat Insurance Assurance Challenge
Predict when an insurance policy will lapse in Zimbabwe
ranked 7 out of 106
ended 8 months ago
Akeed Restaurant Recommendation Hackathon
Predict which restaurants in Oman customers will most likely order from
ranked 6 out of 57
ended 8 months ago
To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: It’s not a Question
Analysing social media sentiment towards vaccines
ranked 9 out of 127
ended 9 months ago
Spot the Mask Challenge
Can you predict whether a person in an image is wearing a face mask? #masks4all
ranked 6 out of 160
ended 9 months ago
UNICEF Arm 2030 Vision #1: Flood Prediction in Malawi
Predict flood extent caused by storms in southern Malawi
ranked 4 out of 484
ended 8 months ago
AI4D Predict the Global Spread of COVID-19
The accuracy of your models will be assessed on future data
ranked 39 out of 51
ended 9 months ago
Urban Air Pollution Challenge
Can you predict air quality in cities around the world using satellite data?
ranked 13 out of 134
ended 10 months ago