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Urban Air Pollution Challenge
Can you predict air quality in cities around the world using satellite data?
ranked 32 out of 126
10 April 11:59 (60 hours)
South African COVID-19 Vulnerability Map
Can we infer important COVID-19 public health risk factors from outdated data?
ranked 13 out of 179
3 April 11:59 (60 hours)
AirQo Ugandan Air Quality Forecast Challenge
Predict future air quality levels and empower communities to plan and protect their health
ranked 29 out of 318
ended 6 days ago
UmojaHack #2: Xente Purchase Prediction Challenge (INTERMEDIATE)
Predict when and what a customer will purchase on the Xente app
ranked 9 out of 40
21 March 09:00 (8 hours)
ICLR Workshop Challenge #2: Radiant Earth Computer Vision for Crop Detection from Satellite Imagery
Identify crop type using satellite imagery, and win a trip to present your work at ICLR 2020 in Addis Ababa.
ranked 6 out of 99
ended 2 months ago
Uber Movement SANRAL Cape Town Challenge
Predict when and where road incidents will occur next in Cape Town
ranked 102 out of 112
ended 4 months ago
UNICEF Arm 2030 Vision #1: Flood Prediction in Malawi
Predict flood extent caused by storms in southern Malawi
ranked 159 out of 480
ended 20 days ago
Sea Turtle Rescue: Forecast Challenge
Help Local Ocean Conservation predict the number of sea turtles they will rescue each week in Kenya
ranked 22 out of 95
ended 3 months ago
Womxn in Big Data South Africa: Female-Headed Households in South Africa
A prediction challenge with prizes for the top three female data scientists
ranked 1 out of 201
ended 3 months ago
Standard Bank Tech Impact Challenge: Xente credit scoring challenge
Predict the likelihood of credit default of ecommerce clients
ranked 58 out of 96
ended 6 months ago
Sendy Logistics Challenge
Predict the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for motorbike deliveries in Nairobi
ranked 165 out of 431
ended 6 months ago
Tunisian Fraud Detection Challenge
Detect tax fraud using the Ministry of Finance of Tunisia's data
ranked 11 out of 102
Financial Inclusion in Africa
Predict who is most likely to have a bank account
ranked 58 out of 761