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Machine Learning Engineer
Uyo, Nigeria
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I’m a self-taught Machine Learning and software engineer who loves to build and occasionally design software solutions to solve real-life problems with data. My interest in Machine Learning got all triggered when I discovered how fascinating it was to tackle literally any human problem with data. This works by finding a suitable way to convert any form of data to some numerical format and feeding it to an algorithm to learn and derive patterns hidden in the data. This has driven me to commit and learn more about the data domain and I've had the privilege  of working at a start-up, AI firm with advanced AI tools and frameworks to build powerful solutions to real-life problems

Main tools &

Git, Sql, Flask, Keras, Linux, Nginx, Numpy, Docker, Github, Pandas, Python, Jupyter, Seaborn, Selenium, Amazon ec2, Matplotlib, Postgresql, Tensorflow, Google colab, Scikit-learn, Docker compose

Work Experience

Dec 2021–Feb 2022
Technocolabs softwares
Utilized python to build a data pipeline to prepare data and extract relevant features from a popular music website. Applied python with relevant APIs to collect 4GB+ worth of audio data for extraction of several spectral features into raw dimensions to form a dataset. Implemented an unsupervised machine learning technique to extract repeated audio patterns from multiple song tracks and reduce high dimensional data from audio features, which reduced the original dimensionto half.Delivered finished designs to clients via Built and evaluated multiple models using several machine learning algorithms with team members including implementing an Artificial neural network. Deployed model to a flask web app and hosted on a cloud platform.


Nov 2017–present
University of uyo, Computer Engineering