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God damn it, did he really just leave? And in such a hurry? Zhao Mei stared at his back angrily, only to find that he suddenly turned his head again. She quickly closed her eyes and pretended to doze. Close your eyes according to the United States, feeling a burst of anxiety in her heart, she did not know why she was nervous, perhaps she was expecting something to happen. But after a while, there was still no movement, and she could not help opening her eyelids slightly. Eh? Where are the people? The slightly open eyelids were unable to close again. He's really gone. "Wow!"! If you want to go, go! Why are you looking back? Zhao Mei twisted her fist and cursed in a low voice. ¥〓〓〓〓dou〓〓〓〓¥ On the way home, Shao Zun accidentally received a phone call from Su Zhaomei. I just called to tell you that I decided to promise you. She talked to her father on the phone, and the conditions for breaking off the marriage were almost settled. She didn't need to pretend that she had to marry any more, in order to help the Su family fight for more benefits. What Shao Zun couldn't figure it out for a moment. I promise you that I will break off my marriage with the Gao family. Anyway, you will be the candidate in the end, right? "Alternate?" "Yes, if I really can't get married,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, I'll have to accept you in the end.". Anyway, I've promised to break off my marriage with the Gao family, and congratulations on your mission. With that, she hung up the phone immediately. Uh Shao Zun stared at his cell phone in silence. What the hell did this woman say? She regarded him as a great handsome man. Candidate? Then what? He was just waiting for her to "hand-pick" and "enjoy" him? Does he have no choice? Congealing ahead, some kind of idea begins to breed in Shao Zun's mind, and the next event will make this idea take shape. After returning home,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, the first thing Shao Zun faced was the voice of his parents urging him to get married. The two elders of the Shao family listed all kinds of articles to prove that his marriage with Su Jingmei was a match made in heaven. Unless you have a better reason to oppose it, the marriage is settled. Father Shao Qingyun is very insistent. What if I don't want to get married? Is that a good reason? Shao Zun frowned. Of course not. Do you remember that before your grandfather died, you promised him that he would not be able to fulfill his wish to have a great-grandson in his lifetime, but that he would not disappoint his grandmother again, would he? Shao Fu used his last resort. Yes "All right.". Now that the Su family has spoken, I want to take advantage of- "" "That object will not be Su Jingmei." Shao Zun interrupted his father. Who else is it? Shao Fu was a little surprised. Before Shao Zun opened his mouth, his mother said, "Do you have a candidate in mind?"? If so, so much the better! You say it and let's study it. "No." Shao Zun removed his bangs from his forehead, and his solemn expression showed that he had made a decision. Since you want a reason, brushless gear motor ,24v Gear Motor, can you give me a little time? "How long?" "A month." "Good." The matter was settled. I said, son, what are you going to do this month? Mother Shao couldn't help asking. Subdue demons. Facing the stunned parents, Shao Zun just smiled mysteriously. He has his own ideas. Ji Rou's Kiss Ruffian President Chapter 5 Shao Zun is missing! When Zhao Mei learned the news from her sister's mouth, she was shocked. Zhao Mei, tell me honestly, what happened when you had dinner with Shao Zun that day? Zhao Mei, who had never seen her sister with such a ferocious expression before, was stunned at first, and then answered uncomfortably, "It's nothing.." It's none of my business where he's going. "It's your business!" Jingmei was still staring at people. "In the last phone call I got in touch with him, he said he was going to say goodbye to Gao Yuqing. I asked him where he was going, but he didn't say anything. He just said he wanted to go far away and might not come back in a short time. I blamed him for not telling me frankly. As a result, he said.. He said it had nothing to do with me, so he wouldn't say anything to me. Then I asked him who it had to do with, and he said it was you. ” According to the beauty of the heart, the guy actually left because of her? Why is that? "Zhao Mei-" the voice that is still urging, has become impatient. " Well, I'll tell you. Zhao Mei looked at her sister and slowly told her about the negotiation process that day. "Finally, I reached an agreement with him that if I broke off my marriage with the Gao family, he would be responsible for my life to the end, even.." He must marry me. "What!?" Jingmei raised her voice steeply, and her face was full of anger. I I know you may not be able to accept this, and I know I shouldn't be like this, but- "She can't control her love for him!"! "Shut up!" After a roar, Jingmei turned her head. After a while, she turned her head again, her expression had been adjusted, and her voice had returned to normal. "Zhao Mei, it's not that I love you. How can you treat marriage as a joke?"? Why do you make trouble with him in a fit of pique when you know he is joking? See, now he's scared away by you. "Scare.." Run away? Although Zhao Mei felt that he was not joking at all at that time, and she was certainly not angry, but the fact in front of him was that he disappeared after receiving the phone call from her to accept the terms. Did he really run away from her? Zhao Mei's face was extremely ugly, while Jing Mei had recovered her gentle expression. She patted Zhao Mei on the shoulder and said: "Well, don't take it to heart.". As soon as I have a chance,Vending Machine Motor, I will make it clear to him instead of you and let him know that you are not serious. This man is real, and he doesn't have to run away for fear that you will pester him. We were going to talk about getting married, but now I don't know when he'll be back. It's really nerve-racking. The embarrassment and anger caused by the loss of self-esteem made Zhaomei make up her mind. What's so nerve-racking about that? Don't you get married if you get the person back? "Are you sure you can find him?" "I think so." 。
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