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Data Scientist, Software Developer & Technical Writer
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic Of
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I'm a Data Scientist & Senior Software Developer skilled in software development, machine learning, deep learning, mathematics, statistics, Data Analysis, Data Visualization and programming. Commitment Team player and the ability to address multiple priorities in an extremely fast-paced environment. I have a passion for teaching others to learn Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning by conducting different Training programs within the Country, a series of Machine learning Hackathons with Zindi Africa, Sharing knowledge by writing articles focus on Programming, Data Science & Machine learning, and organizing AI events.

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Git, Zoom, Asana, Numpy, Github, Pandas, Python, Jupyter, Clustering, Matplotlib, Regression, Tensorflow, Data science, Scikit-learn, Classification, Machine learning, Data visualisation, Supervised learning, Exploratory analysis, Predictive modelling, Unsupervised learning, Natural language processing

Work Experience

Jul 2022–present
Tanzania data lab (dlab)
Identify valuable data sources and automate the collection processes. Managing structured and unstructured data to find useful information. Analyse large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns. Build predictive machine learning models to solve business challenges. Present information using data visualization techniques. Propose solutions and strategies to different business challenges. Cooperating on numerous initiatives with the communication and product development teams. Custom design, development, and delivery of data science training workshops based on the organization's needs.


Oct 2014–Jul 2017
University of dodoma, Bachelor in Computer Science
I covered the following subjets Object-Oriented Programming,Artificial Intelligence,Problem solving, Linux System Administration and management,Computer Architecture and Organization, Software Design and Implementation, ICT Project Management, Professional ethics and conduct, Open source Technologies, Computer Networking Protocols, Data structure and algorithm, Web Programming I was also organizing and support different activities in the python community