Data Scientist + Machine learning Engineer
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Speaks: English
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Programming Languages: Python


Data science specialization Machine learning, deep learning/Computer vision, data visualization, data analysis, natural language processing


I am self driven and highly motivated personnel, with a good background structure on data science, i make use of my programming skills to solve technical real world projects in various activities

i have worked on Nigeria Covid’19 Real Time Data Analysis, Twitter Sentimental Extraction Analysis, Cassava-leaf-disease-classification, Natural Language Processing with Disaster Tweets, Analyze Supermarket Data Across the country-Company XYZ, Building a model for predicting heart disease classification, Customer Response To Supermarket Campaign Prediction, Car Sales Insurance Prediction.......etc

My Goal is to acquire more knownledge and build my programming skills with the aid of participating in Zindi Competitions


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmanuel-ebiendele

Work & Publications
Sep 2021–present
Zindi africa
Sep 2021–present
Awarded as Ustacky Social Ambassador
Aug 2021–present
Awarded as Top 10 best performing Ustacky Scholarship Student
Feb 2021–present
Created data visualization graphics, translating complex data sets into comprehensive visual representations. Provided comprehensive analysis and recommend solutions to address complex business problems and issues . using data from internal and external sources and applied advanced analytical methods to assess factors impacting growth and profitability across product and service offerings. Created presentations, write up and report based on analysis. Awarded as Top 10 best performing Ustacky Scholarship Student!
Sep 2018–Dec 2023
Federal university of technology akure, STATISTICS
Team Leader of Futa-Lisa Data Science