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"Alas." Wen Yu sighed softly after hearing his words, glanced at him bitterly and said in a low voice: "Do you think you don't want it?" You can't wear it. Although Mu Yuechen didn't know that the main reason why Wen Yu didn't want to be seen was her ears, she also knew that she had a special race, so she suggested with a smile: "You can make a few sets of clothes to wear in tents, guild villas and so on.". Why don't you just put on this outfit when you need to go out? Wen Yu shook his head gloomily, although according to what Mu Yuechen said, it is not necessary to wear this armor for a long time, but. Wen Yu quietly glanced at Mu Yuechen, thinking that although he guessed that he was a special race, he had not seen his ears and eyes, and if he showed his true shape in front of him, wouldn't he feel uncomfortable? Seeing that Wen Yu did not pick up his words, Mu Yuechen knew that his action ended in failure again, and thought to himself: I don't know which life I can see the true face of Wen Yu. Thinking of this, I had to shake my head again with regret. However Wen Yu raised the soft armor in his hand again and laughed with shining eyes: "I can consider making some beautiful clothes first." Early in the morning,decorative palm trees, the two men packed up their tents, called out two horses instead of walking, and prepared to go on their way. Small tiger does not like the depressed in pet space, became the appearance of small white tiger, sit to the bosom of Mu Yuechen. Black Hawk insisted on announcing that he was thin and low-key in color and was unwilling to enter the animal tripod anyway,artificial plant wall panels, not to mention cocoa. As long as Wen Yu expressed his intention to let it enter the animal tripod, it would fly high and release melancholy radio waves to Wen Yu with big eyes. So Wen Yu had to let them stand on their shoulders again, one left and one right, and ride the Black Rose forward together. Are you interested in the legendary sacred beast? Mu Yuechen, who was galloping immediately, suddenly asked Wen Yu. Of course, at least it's good to see it. Wen Yu answered as a matter of course. But is there only one answer to this question for anyone? Do you want another sacred animal? To make up for your regret that the white tiger is not a sacred beast? Then Wen Yu snickered again. Mu Yuechen smiled and said carelessly, "Although it is not the holy beast in my imagination, didn't your little black also say that?"? It may have a lot of room to grow. Although it is one level worse than the sacred beast, it is much better than the pets of ordinary people. What more could I ask for with such an amazing little guy? After all, I came for the fangs in the first place. Said, large artificial blossom trees ,artificial coconut palm trees, the heart also added a sentence: plus this little guy is so cute, even boys are very fond of ah. That's true. Xiaohu picked up a treasure in vain. We didn't expect that the harvest would be so rich this time. But now that I know the existence of the sacred beast ~ ~ and know its approximate location, after this trip to the snow mountain, I would like to see what kind of sacred beast is so powerful that it can be felt by Xiaohei so far away. Wen Yu said with a smile. I think it might be a phoenix or a dragon, right? However There are already rosefinches and blue dragons among the four divine beasts. Will there be the same sacred beast again? Would that be a little strange? Mu Yuechen analyzed doubtfully. The rosefinch and the phoenix are often lumped together, but I don't think they are the same thing. At least the phoenix in traditional Chinese legends is not a Firebird. Only the western phoenix is called a Firebird. I don't think they are the same kind at all, right? Perhaps the rosefinch belongs to one of the phoenixes, but whether it is the western Firebird phoenix or the southern rosefinch, their attributes are very obvious, and I can't guess what type the mythological phoenix will be. The third volume of European clothing those things Chapter 40 Little Black Plane Chapter 40 Little Black Plane. The two men walked and talked, and soon the communicator sounded again, and this time it was Qiuqiu's little Griffin that was born. And the girl who has never had a pet is still waiting. Brocade mouse is also looking at and looking forward to it with the same envious eyes. The courtyard of White Tiger City is now very lively. Although Wen Yu's departure has taken away a large number of pets, the birth of the two little guys has made it more lively. In addition, the various flowers and plants from all over the world planted by Shanshan, the business here is much richer than that of White Tiger City outside. The little lion ran around in the garden with two little brothers in high spirits. The wall in the yard was very high. As long as they flew lower, they would not be seen outside. Because the young griffins had just been born and could not speak human language like the mythical beasts, they had to wait for a few months, otherwise the yard would become more noisy. It was noon, three women, one mouse and one Merlin, five people sitting on the highest tower in the courtyard, enjoying the street scenery and enjoying the delicious food at their own expense. Poof- "Qiuqiu sprayed.". Shanshan choked, the girl was choked by the wine, the eyes of the brocade mouse were straight, and Merlin's beard was trembling. God, I.. What do I see?! After Shanshan finally recovered his breath, he stammered and pointed to the street outside. An elephant was passing by them, and there was a seat on the elephant's back. Fortunately, the big chair was empty at this time-because although pets could be released in the city, they could not be ridden, so the owner who wanted to show off had to walk with the elephant. Every step of the elephant would shake the ground three times, making several guys in the pavilion suddenly feel that the building they were in seemed to be not very strong. Just as the crowd was sighing for the elephant, which was as high as a three-story building, Qiuqiu suddenly pointed to the street below and shouted: "Look!"! Down there! There's a kangaroo! A big kangaroo is jumping forward,fake ficus tree, and the man beside it, who seems to be its master, is shaking his fist and shouting loudly in English: "The Eastern Continent!"! I'm coming! 。

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