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I'm a veterinary medical student passionate about applying my machine learning skills to solve problems in the field. I have a deep interest in understanding how technology can be used to improve animal healthcare. I'm looking forward to developing algorithms that can be used to detect and diagnose illnesses in animals, as well as predicting the outcomes of treatments.I also have a keen interest in exploring the use of machine learning in other fields and also have fun which is why i participate in Zindi Competitions.

Main tools &

Sql, Bigml, Keras, Scipy, Github, Pandas, Python, Jupyter, Pytorch, Matplotlib, Postgresql, Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, Stack overflow, Google bigquery

Work Experience

Jul 2022–Oct 2022
built an ethical credit scoring algorithm for famers to provide traceability data analytics for crop buyers across supply chains and to facilitate credit access to local farmers . it was a work done by a collaborative team of 50 AI engineers and i worked on the data cleaning in the workflow.


University of ilorin, Machine Learning
top 10 in the free AI in every city hackathon by data scientist network