Python Developer, Machine learning engineer
Adama, Ethiopia
Speaks: English, Amharic
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- I am a python developer | an electronics engineer | a machine learning engineer | and a data science enthusiast.

- Currently, I am studying for a dual major degree in CSE & ECE and also specializing in computer vision.

- I have entered a few Zindi competitions and am working my way up the leaderboards💪🏾

Work & Publications
Apr 2022–May 2022
Research organization
Woked on a research "Analysis and Prediction of COVID-19 new cases and new deaths in Ethiopia" using machine learning with 3 other researchers.
Jan 2022–present
Scientific community head and problems generator
Dec 2020–present
Data science sub-division head and mentor
Nov 2018–present
Adama science and technology university, Computer Science Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering
I am taking both degrees and currently, my CGPA is 3.99