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I did an online course in Artificial Intelligence which sparked my interest in ML and DL. I discovered Zindi from discussions on the Kaggle platform and my learning journey continues.

So I am a data enthusiast with less than 11 months of experience.

I have entered two competitions so far on Zindi and I did ok. I guess if I put serious effort and focus I will most probably see a bit of improvement in my performance.

Main tools &

R, Gmail, Keras, Numpy, Github, Pandas, Python, Jupyter, Mongodb, Matplotlib, Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, Deep learning, Machine learning, Data visualisation, Feature engineering

Work Experience

Mar 2020–present
Freelance Writing and Support Services. AI competitive learning and programming. Ad-hoc Creative Projects.


Jan 1987–Nov 1993
University of the Western Cape, Economics, Business Economics
Nominated Class Representative for my Major Subjects. Participated in Debating Society Events.