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Data scientist
Nairobi, Kenya
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I am an enthusiastic person looking to learn and also share data science concepts which I have learned.

Main tools &

Sql, Gmail, Numpy, Github, Pandas, Python, G-suite, Jupyter, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, Microsoft excel, Google analytics

Work Experience

FREELANCING CONTRACT Short-term contract on data analysis and visualization using python Typically, the data acquired from consumers are in raw format. At M-Kopa, I executed data analysis and created visual presentations using python modules such as seaborn and matplotlib, which are used to extract insights from the customers' data.
Broadband Communications Network
In this role, I design and maintain data networks for different clients. For example, I set up Microwave, LTE, and Fiber installations, configure AR and Gpon routers, and set up SIP for Safaricom clients.