Benin, Porto Novo, speaks English, French
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SFC PAYGo Solar Credit Repayment Competition
Can you predict PAYGo solar customer payments?
ranked 82 out of 175
~1 month to go
Makerere Passion Fruit Disease Detection Challenge
Can you identify which passion fruit are diseased and which are healthy?
ranked 7 out of 9
starts in 19 days
Radiant Earth Spot the Crop Hackathon
Based on time-series of Sentinel-1 satellite images can you classify crop types in South Africa?
ranked 13 out of 21
ended 20 days ago
Cryptocurrency Closing Price Prediction
Can you predict the closing price for a cryptocurrency?
ranked 110 out of 136
~2 months to go
iX Mobile Banking Prediction Challenge
The prize is one scholarship to a 6-week data science remote program called ‘iX Remote’ from 6 July to 14 August 2021, valued at $3,495 USD.
ranked 101 out of 103
ended ~1 month ago
Economic Well-Being Prediction Challenge
Can you predict a measure of wealth for different locations across Africa?
ranked 11 out of 115
22 days to go
AutoInland Vehicle Insurance Claim Challenge
Can you predict if a client will submit a vehicle insurance claim in the next 3 months?
ranked 258 out of 633
ended 27 days ago
Local Ocean Conservation - Sea Turtle Face Detection
Create a model that detects the bounding box around a sea turtle’s face
ranked 18 out of 25
CGIAR Crop Yield Prediction Challenge
Can you predict maize yields on East African farms using satellite data?
ranked 121 out of 195
ended 6 months ago
Uber Nairobi Ambulance Perambulation Challenge
Can you use ML to create an optimised ambulance deployment strategy in Nairobi?
ranked 261 out of 331
ended 6 months ago
GIZ NLP Agricultural Keyword Spotter
Classify audio utterances in Luganda and English from Uganda
ranked 61 out of 255
ended 8 months ago
CGIAR Wheat Growth Stage Challenge
Predict which phase of growth wheat crops are in using photos taken by farmers in India
ranked 45 out of 204
ended 10 months ago
Zimnat Insurance Recommendation Challenge
Can you predict which insurance products existing clients will want next?
ranked 228 out of 614
ended 10 months ago
Indaba Grand Challenge: Curing Leishmaniasis
The official competition of the Deep Learning Indaba 2020
ranked 19 out of 24
ended ~2 months ago
Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya - Tech4MentalHealth
Classify text from university students in Kenya towards a mental health chatbot
ranked 97 out of 501
ended ~1 year ago
Akeed Restaurant Recommendation Hackathon
Predict which restaurants in Oman customers will most likely order from
ranked 38 out of 57
ended ~1 year ago
South African COVID-19 Vulnerability Map
Can we infer important COVID-19 public health risk factors from outdated data?
ranked 153 out of 178
ended over 1 year ago
Data Science Nigeria 2019 Challenge #1: Insurance Prediction
A learning competition designed for DSN Bootcamp 2019
ranked 317 out of 443
Sendy Logistics Challenge
Predict the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for motorbike deliveries in Nairobi
ranked 85 out of 449
ended over 1 year ago